The Art of Casino Collectibles

Las Vegas — Every piece of casino memorabilia tells its own unique tale about its time and culture of origin. From vintage gambling wheels to oversized poker chips, each item holds both cultural and monetary value for collectors.

Gregg Fisher of Sin City has broken a world record by amassing an unprecedented collection of casino chips and tokens in one location.

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Why people collect is highly subjective. Some collectors enjoy collecting trading cards solely for the joy of it, while others use collecting as an extension of other passions, like gaming or sports. Fossil and art collectors find a thrill in owning history through amassing artifacts from throughout history – creating their own legacy through accumulation.

Dice collectors share an enduring passion for the game itself. This custom-built resin dice is an exquisite addition to any collection and will add something extra special.

No matter your experience or interest level in casinos, this unique souvenir from Las Vegas will quickly become an eye-catcher and conversation piece. Boasting The Tops logo embossed onto red and black token, this delightful token makes an outstanding display piece and comes packaged in its own velvet presentation case, making it the ideal option for display or gift giving.


Bring back some casino souvenirs as a memento from your trip, but keep in mind that not all chips and tokens have equal monetary value – some could actually prove quite precious!

Chip collecting has quickly become an avid pastime for many players, since these items can bring in considerable money over time. There are even grading systems designed to help determine their value.

Collectors love collecting $5 Silver Strike coins issued by casinos in Nevada, which can also be traded online marketplaces. Furthermore, some casinos issue commemorative tokens to mark events or activities; other memorabilia unique to Las Vegas may include cocktail napkins featuring different designs, ashtrays, match books or matchbooks which make great gifts – not forgetting decoupage and paper arts projects that might need commemorating.


At the show, collectors gathered to show off their poker chips, tokens, drink stirrers and matchbooks. One collector named Rick Fisher revealed he has amassed more than 8,436 items that represent Nevada’s gambling heritage.

Chip collecting has grown into an avid pastime with more than 2,000 members in the Casino Chip and Gaming Token Collectors Club; its initial practice began as an informal one among gamblers who kept chips as souvenirs. Since eBay became so popular as an auction platform, chip collecting has gained even greater momentum as an activity.

Chips that are truly special may fetch more than their face value; for instance, the Golden Goose casino opened in 1975 produced a $1 chip which recently garnered an auction bid of over $3,000! Collectors also seek rare pieces from closed casinos or special events; commemorative chips released at events such as World Series of Poker are usually snapped up quickly after they become available.

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